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17 December 2006 @ 01:51 am
A Letter  
Lucy, River, Brooklyn,

You will always be a part of me. My family. My real family. I will miss you more than you wll ever know.

Comming home without you makes me dread my house. I used to get so excited about material. I used to be so enthrolled with my surroundings. It all used to be so easy, so simple. You three brought me back here when I went to the darkness; my little fuzzy flashlights. How I miss you.

I just want you to know that when I come into my home, when I look upon this emptiness I once found full, everything is illuminated. How amazing all three of you were independantly, how much I cared. You taught me that I could care. That this could come to me. That everything could be alright in the end. I wish you were still here.

I've never appreciated and regretted anything more in my entire life.

Your stocking still sits above the fireplace, right next to everyone elses. Because you are a part of my family. And you always will be. I worry about you guys, and never have I experienced what I did when I let you go. I sih you the best of everything. I hope the best for you.

My loves. My angels. My kitten fucking factory.

As you go out into the world; remember...someone out here is always thinking of you. Someone out here will always be wishing you the best. Someone will love you.

And when things get so hard it seems near impossible; when your chips are down and love is scarce, remember that once in your life you were taken care of. Once in your life something went right. I love you more than I have ever loved.

Brooklyn with your spirit and curiousity; nothing will ever uncover like you uncovered.

Lucy with your blatant naivity, how everything was a world to explore. It all meant so much.

River. You. You will always be the man of dreams, and it's hard to admit my heart was stolen my a cat. (Not in the creepy way, mind you.) I loved you. You were my pet.

I love you guys. I hope you're happy out in the world.

I wish I could stop fucking crying.
Current Mood: sadSad.
Current Music: The Hours Soundtrack